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Updated Nitramine and Pyroxamine will both feature TeaCrine


It was confirmed earlier this week that due to all the questionable publicity on picamilon also known as pikatropin, Lecheek would be discontinuing its fat burners AMPilean and AMPilean and well known pre-workout Speed X3. Since the announcement we’ve been waiting to see if anyone else would be following suit by either discontinuing or reformulating any of their picamilon products. Today we can confirm that Myokem is another big name dropping the ingredient from its top 10 formulas Nitramine and Pyroxamine, although there is quite a bit more to it than that.

Not only is our number one brand from 2014 dropping picamilon from Nitramine and Pyroxamine, but it has actually completely reformulated the supplements. The updated products also aren’t overnight reformulations as Myokem has in fact been working on the two for quite some time. While we don’t yet know a lot about the new Nitramine and Pyroxamine, we do know that they will both be 100% transparent. Another detail we have is that both supplements will feature the increasingly popular TeaCrine theacrine.

Things were already starting to heat up for Myokem as the brand did recently reveal that it has two entirely new products on the way, a stimulant free fat burner and nutrient partitioner. Nitramine and Pyroxamine 2.0 only really add to the excitement making it a total of four upcoming releases for Myokem.

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