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Primeval’s Laxogenin formula Super Laxo packing 180 capsules

super laxo

Rounding out a week for Primeval Labs that has seen the brand confirm its interest in two mainstream categories with the pre-workout Adrenal Rush and pump pre-workout Engorge. Primeval has in fact now unveiled yet another new supplement, however this time it is for an area the brand is much more familiar with. The third new Primeval product for the week is Super Laxo, which has been confirmed as a 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin formula.

As for what makes it so “Super”, we can only assume it has something to do with the overall amount of the ingredient the supplement squeezes in, as each bottle of it packs a massive 180 capsules. While 180 capsules is a lot, that will only make the product super if it has a good dose, although based on all of Primeval’s other muscle-builders that is likely.

Despite Super Laxo only just being unveiled, the brand has actually already put the supplement up for pre-order. Those interested can secure themselves a bottle through Primeval’s website for $69.99, however prepare to wait a while as Super Laxo isn’t expected to ship until December 1st.

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