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Pristine Protein packing 40g of protein with no carbohydrates or fat

pristine protein

While we have still yet to see VPX Sports upcoming fat burner Redline Master Blaster. The brand has unveiled yet another new supplement, which by the sounds of things is going to be here before the latest Redline. Today VPX has unveiled the premixed product Pristine Protein, the brand’s first ready to drink protein formula in quite some time.

At the moment we only have a preview and description to go off, however in those two pieces VPX pretty much confirms everything you need to know about Pristine Protein. Basically the supplement features 40g of protein per bottle, made up of 100% whey isolate, with zero fat and carbohydrates. As for Pristine Protein’s flavors, the brand has put together a total of three in Exotic Fruit, Peach Mango and Sour Heads Lemon.

We did say VPX’s Pristine Protein is looking like it will be here before Redline Master Blaster, and that’s because the brand has given an actual launch date for its new RTD. According to VPX, its super premium protein is going to be released in exactly 15 days putting it on sale Tuesday the 27th of October.

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