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All 9 Quad Test ingredients revealed as Epiq’s muscle builder goes on sale

quad test

Ever since Epiq unveiled its muscle building formula Quad Test back in June, the big mystery has been what’s in the supplement. When the product was first spotted we were able to confirm three features, ashwagandha, shilajit and boron. Now that the supplement is finally available we can confirm everything else that’s in Quad Test, which is in fact quite a bit. Initially we thought the name of the product and the line “quad-source” meant it would only be featuring four ingredients, however as it turns out Quad Test actually packs a total of nine.

Joining the supplement’s three previously confirmed features ashwagandha, shilajit and boron, which have been transparently dosed at 125mg, and 100mg for the other two. You have just one more transparent ingredient with 195mg of turmeric root. As for Quad Test’s other five, rhodiola, maca, tribulus, pedalium and ginkgo, have all been wrapped up in a 508mg proprietary blend. All together the ingredients are said boost testosterone, decrease estrogenic effects, and enhance athletic performance.

If you’re like us and wondering why the product has been called Quad Test since it’s not because the formula has four ingredients. It appears that it’s been named Quad Test due to the fact that some of its key features have been backed by “four” human clinical trials.

Earlier we said Epiq’s Quad Test is now available, which it is although only at one of the brand’s retailers. It is none other than GNC that is first to stock the product, with a price tag of $74.99 or a massively discounted $44.99 for those with a Gold Card.

Epiq Quad Test

quad test

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