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Scitec drops 100% Whey Protein to 16 servings for its 5th size

scitec whey

While the trend used to be brands going heavier when it came to new sizes for supplements, these days going the other way is much more common. A lot of the time it is due to the brand putting together a trial size option, packing anywhere from 3 to 10 servings. The European brand Scitec Nutrition has now done just that going down in size for one of its current products, however the result isn’t a trial size. The latest from the brand is in fact a half kilogram 100% Whey Protein, featuring more than your typical trial size with 16 servings. As you’d expect Scitec hasn’t made the supplement’s fifth size available in every flavor, limiting it to just three traditional tastes in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.

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