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Vex a more energy and focus powered Alpha Pro pre-workout

alpha pro vex

Alpha Pro Nutrition has officially taken its line-up from a total of five to six supplements, introducing its second pre-workout competitor Alpha Pro Vex. We say it’s the brand’s second pre-workout instead of a sequel to the original Upload, purely because Vex features a very different combination of ingredients and it doesn’t look like Upload is going anywhere. It also seems to be more centered around energy and focus as opposed to those two effects as well as pump and performance.

As mentioned Alpha Pro Vex has a very different set of ingredients compared to Upload, with less than half of its eight found in the brand’s original. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the label for the product, we do however have a list of its ingredients confirming what each of its eight are. In no specific order Vex features glycine, n-acetyl l-glutamine, green coffee, alanine, taurine, theobromine, naringen, and lastly a three form caffeine complex made up of anhydrous, citrate and di-malate. As you can see the supplement is missing a lot of the common pre-workout ingredients such as beta-alanine and creatine, seeing it really follow through on its promise of a more energy and focus formula.

We don’t yet know when Alpha Pro Vex is due to hit shelves, although when it does fans can look forward to two 30 serving flavors in Fruits Of Paradise and Watermelon Splash.

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