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6 Pack adds an independent core to its camo Expedition 300

expedition 300

Earlier in the week an image came in of a new version of 6 Pack’s Expedition 300 Backpack featuring camouflage interior. Initially we didn’t know a whole lot about the bag, including when it would be arriving and where it would be stocked. The brand however has now released some more information, clearing a number of things up. Firstly the camo Expedition 300 is looking like it’s only going to be available at GNC locations.

The retailer has already added the special edition item to its website, where the camo Expedition 300 can now be purchased for $159.99 or $149.99 for Gold Card members, the same price as the regular Expedition 300. You can also grab the product direct from 6 Pack’s site, although there you don’t get the option of the Gold Card price, just the $159.99.

The one last detail we have is that the camouflage interior isn’t the only new feature to the special edition bag. Apparently the item also comes with an independent removable core, or meal bag. Which is quite a big difference as other Expedition 300s only have a space for you to stack your meal containers.

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