I Won Protein Chips up first from the all new brand

Nov 30th, 2015
i won protein chips

I Won Nutrition has finally confirmed what kind of brand it is today unveiling its first product. The item is a healthy snack simply and obviously titled I Won Protein Chips. As promised the product is non-GMO verified and gluten free, with a total of 20g of protein per bag. We don’t yet know any of the other macros for the Protein Chips, however we do know it will be coming in at least five flavors.

Making up the menu of I Won Protein Chips is Sea Salt, Ranch, BBQ, Cinnamon French Toast and Sriracha. All five options are actually expected to be put up for pre-order very soon through the brand’s own website at iwonnutrition.com. At the moment the website does say “preparing site updates for our 11/30 launch!”, which could mean the I Won Protein Chips may in fact be up pre-order later today.

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