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iForce Whey Protean, Max Out and a tee for just $39


Most of the time purchasing products direct from a brand is the expensive way to go, although on occasions there are some worthwhile deals. Whether it’s individual item discounts or savings on stacks, buying direct isn’t always expensive. This week iForce has given us yet another example of that with an impressive cost-effective combination of 100% Whey Protean in Blueberry Muffin or Red Velvet Cake, Max Out and a tee.

If you went to a store to grab that set you’d probably be looking at between 55 to $60, and that’s not including the tee. For a limited time however using the coupon code “WHEYMAXIFN”, through iForce’s website you can in fact get all three products for the heavily discounted price of $39. The one important detail worth mentioning is that the coupon does only apply to one stack per order, so if you add two to your cart one will be at $39 and the other $59.99.

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