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Inspired hints at another version of DVST8 for January


Inspired Nutraceuticals has confirmed that it’s put together an entirely new supplement that in the words of the brand “will be the greatest ever.” As you can tell from the image above, absolutely zero information has been released, not even a look at the product. With that said however, in the picture it is pretty clear the name on the bottle is that of Inspired’s pre-workout competitor, DVST8.

The big difference of course is that the DVST8 in the picture isn’t branded in its usual black and gold. Instead it features a white bottle with blue text. Since this is an entirely new supplement it’s safe to say we’re not looking at another flavor. All that leaves us with is the idea of an extreme DVST8, or something we feel is a lot more likely, a stimulant free and/or pump based formula.

Knowing Inspired we will probably get more on the mystery product leading up to its launch, which is expected to take place in January of next year.

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