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Inspired’s Australian side is undergoing a revamp involving a new look and new products

Inspired Hydrate For Revamp

Inspired down under in Australia and New Zealand has a different selection of supplements to what you’ll find on shelves here in its major North American market; it actually put out a carbonated DVST8-branded energy drink, not something you’ll find anywhere in the US. The reputable brand is actually currently transforming its family of sports nutrition products, specifically in that part of the world, doing a little more than introducing a new flavor, as we featured here at Stack3d a couple of weeks ago in the DVST8 BBD Summer ’24.

It turns out, as some might have noticed on the bottle of the limited-time DVST8 BBD Summer ’24, Inspired is revamping its look for the Australian and New Zealand market, making it a fair amount different, but the transformation and evolution don’t end there. Alongside the makeover, Inspired is introducing a few completely new supplements, further expanding its catalog in that region, which was already rather extensive, consisting of things like DVST8 BBD, Pumped-AF, and again, the sweet DVST8 Energy Drink.

On the innovation side, Inspired has previewed a couple of upcoming products, including a protein powder named Isolate, descriptively similar to ISO-PF, relying on premium grass-fed whey isolate for its protein, and Hydrate, a dedicated hydration supplement loaded with electrolytes. Both of those are rolling out to the market down under in a couple of days, right on the first day of next month, with what sounds like a rebrand of all of its other products and potentially some other all-new items, so fans will want to stay tuned.