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USP’s upcoming Modern Pre will feature Carb10

modern pre

With the launch of USP Labs upcoming pre-workout Modern Pre just one week away, the brand has released a few highlights for the upcoming supplement. As previously confirmed the pre-workout has a 12.8g serving, which definitely suggests the formula features a more heavy dosed combination of ingredients. The highlights the brand has revealed today further support that idea, as it has named four typically big ingredients that will be in Modern Pre.

The first feature we’d like to bring up is citrulline malate, which is also the only one we know the dose of in Modern Pre at 4g per serving. Next we have CarnoSyn beta-alanine, a performance ingredient that is usually included at 2 to 3.2g, so maybe 1 to 1.6g per serving for Modern pre. Following on from that we also know BioCre will be in the mix, a branded version of creatine anhydrous that USP uses in Modern Creatine at 3g per serving.

Lastly the brand has revealed that Carb10 is going to be a part of Modern Pre, a fast acting carbohydrate with less of an insulin spike that was first used in MTS Nutrition’s Machine Carb 10. Being a carbohydrate USP could be using Carb10 at any dose really, although based on what we think the other features are at Modern Pre only has room for less than around 6g per serving. There is one more ingredient confirmed for the product with Cognizin citicoline dosed at 125mg per serving, which will give Modern Pre some focus to go with all of its performance features.

For more updates on USP Labs’ upcoming pre-workout stay tuned here, and be sure to sign up to the brand’s Barbell Club to be notified when Modern Pre arrives.

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