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Mystery ABB supplement will be revealed or released on the 19th


American Body Building or more commonly known as ABB, isn’t exactly a brand we see a lot of. It’s definitely a well established name, and one you’ll find in most gym and retail store refrigerators. Since it doesn’t launch new supplements often, it makes things so much more interesting when that time actually does eventually come around. We bring all this up as ABB has in fact started teasing an all new RTD formula.

The brand hasn’t given the name of the product or any of its details, just that it has something new that will be released or at least revealed on the 19th of this month. ABB has posted a few words about the supplement, although they don’t exactly point us in any particular direction. “You bust your ass to build your body; A.B.B. busts ours to do the same. And in two weeks, we’re releasing a new drink that’s going to kick all kinds of it.”

Being about two weeks out we can’t imagine this being the last time we see something on the mystery product before Thursday the 19th. So definitely stay tuned if you’re interested in finding out more.

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