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Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy priced under $30 for 30 servings

yeah buddy

If you missed our last post on Ronnie Coleman Signature Series’ upcoming pre-workout Yeah Buddy, the brand is currently directing fans to sign up to be notified when the supplement is released. Today we’ve got a little more on that release that does suggest Signature Series may be launching the product direct through its own website. There is now a page at listing Yeah Buddy as out of stock, however it also has a price for the pre-workout.

The value listed on the brand’s site for Yeah Buddy is $29.99, which is certainly not bad for a 30 serving supplement. The big question though is what kind of price is that? It could be some kind of introductory deal, what we can expect to see it at in stores, or the best case scenario the $29.99 is an expensive direct price. How ever you want to look at it, at some point it definitely seems like Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy is going to be available for just under $30.