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Formula behind Ronnie’s new pre-workout Yeah Buddy finally revealed

yeah buddy

Ever since Ronnie Coleman Signature Series unveiled its well titled pre-workout Yeah Buddy, we’ve been waiting to find out what’s actually in the supplement. TeaCrine theacrine was previously the only ingredient known to be in the product, however the label for Yeah Buddy has now finally been released revealing everything else. In total outside of the TeaCrine, the all new Signature Series supplement features 10 different ingredients. Most of them are all fairly common pre-workout ingredients, with less than half transparently dosed and the rest wrapped up in proprietary blends.

Starting with the product’s transparent features, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has included 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g HydroMax glycerol, 550mg choline and 50mg of the long-lasting TeaCrine theacrine. Moving on to Yeah Buddy’s two blends, it lists a 420mg combination of caffeine anhydrous and PharmaSure time released caffeine. Then a 75mg proprietary made up of synephrine, higenamine, phenethylamine, adhatoda vasica which can also be found in the brand’s fat burner Beta-Stim, and lastly yohimbine.

For those interested in looking over the Yeah Buddy label themselves, as always we have added it below although it is a bit blurry. As for when the supplement is set to hit shelves, Yeah Buddy is still listed as coming soon however now that the formula is out we can’t imagine it being too far away.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Yeah Buddy

yeah buddy