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6 Pack’s Camille 2.0 keeps almost everything the same

6 pack camille

Today the innovative brand 6 Pack Fitness, has introduced a new and improved version of one of its previous bags. The item that’s been updated is the brand’s Camille Tote, which does still go by the same name although is being referred to as the Camille 2.0. From what we can see the sequel is very much the same as the original, with the only real difference being the design on the outside.

6 Pack’s own description of the Camille 2.0 Tote is in fact identical to its predecessor’s, pretty much confirming the changes are only cosmetic. The main difference is on just one side of the bag, with a much more discrete display of branding. Instead of a large “6” and the name “Six Pack Fitness”. The Camille 2.0 features a significantly smaller number, as well as a color matching, named infused vector design down the bottom. While the changes are small, they actually give the product a very different look.

Outside of the branded panel, everything else about the Camille 2.0 appears to be the same as the original. The bag still has its 13″ laptop/tablet pocket, room for four meal containers, and of course its massive main compartment. The updated item also comes in the same four colors Black/Red, Lime/Black, Light Blue/Maroon and Pink/Purple, which are now all available for $119.99 each, direct from 6 Pack’s website.

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