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Amino Force review: A handy RTD to have lying around

amino force review

Today we’re going to take a closer look at ABB’s all new Amino Force, as over the past couple of weeks we’ve been fitting the supplement into our daily routines. For those that didn’t know the product is a caffeinated formula, so it definitely isn’t for everyone especially those on a stimulant fat burner or who enjoy feeling the full force of a pre-workout. While the supplement wasn’t something we originally thought would be overly useful, we did find some joy in having it handy.

Amino blend led by taurine and CarnoSyn

The first thing we need to go over is the formula of ABB’s Amino Force. Basically it is a lot like Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy being made up of two blends, one for aminos and one for energy. The amino blend does weigh in at a rather heavy 8g, however there are some things in there that you may not have expected. Leading the proprietary is taurine, followed by CarnoSyn beta-alanine, meaning those two are the heaviest ingredients in the blend. Next in line are the BCAAs, then Sustamine glutamine, arginine, citrulline peptides and lastly taurine. As you can see it is difficult to tell what’s dosed at what, with the all important BCAAs possibly being anywhere from 1 to 2.5g, it’s essentially impossible to know exactly.

As for the energy blend in Amino Force, the brand is a little more transparent. The proprietary is made up of just three ingredients, caffeine, green tea and green coffee bean, with the caffeine listed at 200mg, leaving the other two to total the remaining 60mg. If that combination seems somewhat familiar that would be because it is in fact identical to Optimum’s energy blend in AmiNO Energy, although instead 200mg of caffeine AmiNO Energy has 100.

Great way to start the day

Next up are the scenarios we used Amino Force in, which is where we found it surprisingly useful. The time we feel the product is most handy is in the morning, sipped right through to around midday. Not everyday requires a little bit of extra energy, hence why we say it’s a handy supplement to have lying around, not necessarily something to rely on or use religiously. Spread out across a good four to six hours, Amino Force gives you a small, consistent increased level of energy. It doesn’t have any kick like an energy drink or high stimulant fat burner, it’s more of an uplifting, refreshing sensation that comes over you smoothly, but also rather quickly. It’s definitely enough to get you going on a slow morning or day, and even more helpful if you’re someone who does cardio in the morning.

amino force review

The catch of course with having Amino Force in the morning, whether it be sipped across a few hours or as shots here and there, is that it does take away from your pre-workout. While the product only has 200mg of caffeine, it’s still a strong dose and plenty to get you moving and lessen the kick of a pre-workout later in the day. There is obviously the bonus of getting all the aminos from the supplement, however since it does cut into the effect of a pre-workout, on a pre day we’d much rather have a slow one and an amino formula without caffeine. It’s because of all this we say again, Amino Force is handy more than anything. It’s great to have for the odd day when you need energy and aminos, and you’re not hitting the gym, aren’t using a pre-workout or just really need the extra lift.

Much better options for workout windows

Using Amino Force during the day isn’t the only way we used it, as we did also follow the instructions on the bottle throwing it back pre, intra and post-workout. As a pre-workout, it’s really just not worth it. The product does give you a small kick when taken in one go, although it doesn’t offer much else to fuel an intense workout. What’s more is that there are plenty of pre-workout powders available that don’t cost anywhere near as much as Amino Force. They’ll also help you get a lot more out of your workout as well as add more than a touch of energy with effects such as focus, pump and endurance.

As for the other two windows ABB suggests, intra and post-workout, when taken during we feel it has the same kind of effect as the morning to midday use. When sipped throughout your workout Amino Force does help with a refreshing lift, which is a little stronger than the scenario we liked as a workout is a lot shorter than four to six hours. Post-workout the supplement’s actually rather nice, although if you’ve had something pre-workout even another Amino Force, it may not quite be what you’re looking for. Basically when using the product in any window around a workout, it isn’t that it doesn’t work, as in all cases it adds a bit of energy and the bonus of aminos. The issue we have is that there are simply better, or more fitting supplements out there.

Pineapple Amino Force on point

Now that we have the formula and our preferred way to use Amino Force out of the way, we come to the taste of the premixed product. While there are three flavors available in Pineapple, Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon, the one we lived with was Pineapple. In short ABB nailed it. Not only does the supplement offer a refreshing energetic feeling, but it’s also something the flavor conveys. The recipe does have a bit more sour to it than the usually more dominant pineapple sweetness, however the fruit is the only flavor that comes to mind when drinking it.

amino force review

Amino Force handy more than anything

Overall we stick with how we described ABB’s Amino Force in the beginning, saying the product is handy. It proved to be quite good to have lying around for days that require more energy, and helps get in an unknown amount of BCAAs into the diet. When it comes to working out with Amino Force however, there are simply other options we’d prefer to use instead. For example a traditional pre-workout powder before training, caffeine free amino during, and a post-workout or protein after. As mentioned it’s not that Amino Force isn’t effective, just that there are more effective products available for workout windows.

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