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Amino Prestige doesn’t disappoint with a massive 18g serving

amino prestige

One of the three new, previously previewed supplements Proccor has put up for pre-order and completely unveiled, is the amino formula Amino Prestige. When the product was first revealed we weren’t given a whole lot of information, just that it would feature HydroMax glycerol and an InstaFLOW blend for hydration and recovery. It was also suggested that the supplement’s serving size would be well over 10g, which is certainly a lot compared to most other competitors in the category. Now that its details have finally been revealed, all we can say is Proccor has not disappointed.

Packing out Amino Prestige’s massive 18.5g serving size are a total of 14 different ingredients. Starting with the heaviest combination in the product, Proccor has squeezed in a solid 6g of fermented, instantized & vegan BCAAs at the classic ratio of 2:1:1. Amino Prestige does also feature a small blend of EAAs, which like the BCAAs are fermented, instantized & vegan. Making up that small EAA blend is 960mg of lysine, 930mg threonine, 860mg phenylalanine and 250mg of histidine.

Filling out the second half of Proccor’s amino formula is Amino Prestige’s InstaFLOW hyper hydration combination. From biggest to smallest you have 2g of taurine, the same dose found in the equally new Pre-RX 2.0. 1g each of l-citrulline and HydroMax glycerol, half a gram of TRAACS calcium biglycinate chelate, a 350mg Albion potassium glycinate complex, 300mg of sodium phosphate, and 150mg of TRAACS magnesium biglycinate chelate.

As mentioned earlier Amino Prestige is now available for pre-order alongside the other two new supplements from Proccor, the sequel pre-workout Pre-RX 2.0 and Exclusive Protein. To secure yourself a bottle of the stacked amino formula simply visit the brand’s website at, where Amino Prestige is currently priced at $29.99. Just like Proccor’s other two new items the amino only has the one option to choose from at the moment, with a 30 serving tub of the Pre-RX 2.0 flavor, Jolly Green Apple.

Proccor Amino Prestige

amino prestige

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