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Introducing Ballistic Labs and its new testosterone booster TRT

ballistic trt

Ballistic Labs is a relatively small brand we’d like to introduce to you today, that currently has a total of four supplements. Ballistic covers all the important categories with two weight loss formulas, a flavored amino, and of course a pre-workout. To make today’s introduction a little more interesting, we have actually got details on an all new product from the brand, which puts it into another popular category.

The latest from Ballistic is called TRT, a supplement designed to boost testosterone. In total the product packs 10 different features, most being quite common test booster ingredients. Some of the features you might be familiar with include 1.5g each of macuna pruriens and ashwagandha, 245mg of tongkat, and 240mg of tribulus. The brand has also thrown in 5mg of the popular absorption enhancer Bioperine. All together the combination promises a lot of the usual test booster effects such as increased sexual health, muscle growth, and testosterone production.

If you’d like to find out more about Ballistic Labs, be sure to head over to its website at As for more on the brand’s all new TRT, it’s not yet on the site, although we have added its label below and word is you can expect to see it in Ballistic stockists very soon.

Ballistic TRT

ballistic trt

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