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Crush Intra-WOD gives Scitec’s WOD Crusher fans an intra-workout

crush intra-wod

Two days ago we noticed that an eighth supplement had been added to Scitec Nutrition’s WOD Crusher Series. We didn’t get an overly clear look at the product, only being able to confirm the first word in its title “Crush”, with no idea on what kind of supplement it was. The brand has now completely unveiled the latest addition to its Crossfit marketed line, introducing the complex intra-workout formula Crush Intra-WOD.

All together Scitec’s latest product features an intra-workout combination of four different proprietary blends. First up for Crush Intra-WOD is the 7.781g AmiNO Xpress matrix listing betaine, citrulline, beta-alanine, arginine and AAKG. Next is 5g of BCAAs in the traditional ratio of 2:1:1, then a 3g blend made up of a gram each of glutamine, taurine and tyrosine. Last but not least is Crush Intra-WOD’s Recovery matrix, which is obviously to help the supplement with recovery and includes ingredients such as 1.6g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and a gram of glycine.

Since Crush Intra-WOD is now listed on Scitec’s WOD Crusher website, it would be good to assume the product is either available to stockists or already on its way out to stores. Either way, when it arrives, fans of the brand will have a total of two 20 serving flavors to choose from in Orange Mango and Peach Ice Tea.

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