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Defend BCAA sees Grenade focus more on BCAAs

defend bcaa

Yesterday details were released on an all new version of Grenade’s pre-workout competitor .50 Caliber. The reformulation was confirmed for the brand’s US edition of the supplement, seeing Grenade move to a smaller variety of ingredients as well as full transparency. Today information on another new product has come in, although this time it’s for a supplement that’s currently only available from the brand’s UK and Europe line.

The product we have details on today is the US version of Grenade’s amino acid formula Defend, officially titled Defend BCAA. Just like some of the brand’s other US supplements, Defend BCAA is quite a bit different from the original. In total it packs seven main ingredients, as well as a three ingredient electrolyte blend. Starting with the most important feature of the formula Grenade has included a rather large 7g of BCAAs, at a ratio of 2:1:1, with 100mg of the leucine’s 3.5g being PepForm leucine peptides.

Moving on down Defend BCAA’s list you have 1g of glutamine, which like the BCAAs is made up of 100mg of PepForm glutamine peptides. Rounding out the product’s label is its Hydration Profile with half a gram of freeze dried coconut water powder, and the previously mentioned 350mg electrolyte blend featuring sodium and magnesium citrate, and monopotassium phosphate. As you can see Defend BCAA is definitely different compared to the original, with the main change being its much bigger dose of BCAAs instead of a full blend of amino acids.

You can check out the complete Defend BCAA formula below, and look forward to it hitting the US sometime soon in at least one 30 serving flavor, Strawberry Mango.

Grenade Defend BCAA (US Defend)

defend bcaa

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