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IAm Athlete backpack, 6 Pack’s meal management bag for kids

iam athlete kids backpack

As predicted last month when 6 Pack released a preview of the bag it was getting ready to drop. It is the IAm Athlete Kids Backpack that the brand has now launched, which was originally unveiled back at the Olympia Expo in September. Just as its title suggests, the IAm Athlete Kids Backpack is a 6 Pack innovation designed for kids. It’s obviously small in size, although still big enough to have a main compartment, two side pockets as well as one on the front, and space for two meal containers on the bottom.

6 Pack has launched the IAm Athlete Kids Backpack in the same two colorways we saw at the Olympia, with black and red, and pink and purple. While we did kind of see this release coming and already know most of its details, the brand has in fact thrown in a bit of a surprise. One of the most interesting things about the IAm Athlete bag that we noticed at the Olympia was that it was priced extremely high at $116.99. Surprisingly 6 Pack has introduced the product at a very different price, going more than 30% cheaper at $79.99.

Anyone interested in getting their young ones into the meal management game, can now purchase the IAm Athlete Kids Backpack direct from 6 Pack’s website with both colorways in stock and ready to ship.

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