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King Whey joins the small list of transparently dosed proteins

king whey

An all new Ronnie Coleman Signature Series protein powder has been revealed, introducing the appropriately titled King Whey. Like a lot of protein supplements launched this year, King Whey is a straightforward formula featuring just protein. Its macros are about what you’d expect from a whey protein powder, however there is one feature to the latest from Ronnie Coleman that we’ve actually only seen on a handful of others.

Making up each serving King Whey is 25g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates (2g of sugar), 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), with a total of 130 calories. As mentioned the numbers are all about what you’d expect from a whey protein powder, although the product does quickly mix things up when you move on to its types of protein. While the combination of whey concentrate and whey isolate isn’t anything special, the fact that it lists the doses for each of them is. Of King Whey’s 25g of protein per serving, 80% or 20g is whey concentrate with the remaining 5g being whey isolate.

To start off when the Signature Series supplement does arrive, fans will only have two tastes to choose from, both in the one tub size. The options will be a 69 serving Chocolate Brownie and a 73 serving Vanilla Frosting. From what we know the product won’t likely be launching within the next week, meaning King Whey will be a 2016 release.