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PWO-MAX replaces Max-HP and brings two new flavors


While we’re not entirely sure when this happened, or if it’s a change that will be applied everywhere. Prime Nutrition’s website currently features a supplement called PWO-MAX, which appears to be a renamed version of the brand’s Platinum Series pre-workout Max-HP. As interesting as that is, there is in fact something else listed on the site that’s a little more exciting, especially for fans of Max-HP or now PWO-MAX.

In most places at the moment Prime’s Max-HP is available in two tastes, Tropic Fruit and Raspberry. The brand’s website also only lists the product in those two under the name PWO-MAX, however there are also now actually pictures of two others. The unreleased flavors are Kiwi Strawberry and Watermelon, both of which we have to assume are coming soon.

Feel free to check out Prime’s website for yourself to see images of Kiwi Strawberry and Watermelon PWO-MAX, as well as shots of the supplement featuring its new name.

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