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Scitec WOD Crusher Series finally gets a protein powder

scitec protein recovery

In the year and a half it’s been available, Scitec Nutrition has only added to its Crossfit marketed WOD Crusher Series twice. This week it has actually added to the line for a third time, finally giving the WOD Crusher Series something it’s been missing, its own protein powder. The name of the supplement is simply Protein Recovery, which the brand basically describes as “whey protein with extras”.

In terms of macros Scitec Protein Recovery is as straightforward as you’d expect, with 20g of protein made up of whey isolate and concentrate. 1.3g of sugar, 1.8g of fat (0.6g saturated) and a total of 101 calories. As for what the brand describes as “extras”, on top of its whey protein combination, the product also includes an additional amino acid matrix and a digestive enzyme blend. Filling out the amino matrix are unknown amounts of taurine, glutamine and leucine, and the digestive blend, papain and bromelain.

Moving on to the menu of Protein Recovery, while it is a Scitec protein powder it doesn’t quite have the range of flavors Scitec proteins typically have. The supplement actually only has two 1.8lb tastes, both flavors as common as they come in Chocolate and Vanilla. You can find out more about Protein Recovery on the brand’s website, and look forward to it hitting a Scitec stockist near you soon if it hasn’t already.

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