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AllWhey Classic separates itself from Gold with more whey concentrate

allwhey classic

Following the launch of AllWhey Gold late last year, AllMax Nutrition has now launched another mainstream protein powder. Keeping with the same style of naming, the latest from the brand is officially titled AllWhey Classic. Compared to AllWhey Gold in terms of macros, AllWhey Classic is somewhat different with a slightly higher amount of carbohydrates, although it is still low in fat. Where the two really separate from one another though is with their types of protein, or at least how much of each type they have.

While AllWhey Gold is mostly a whey protein isolate formula, with whey concentrate being its secondary protein source, AllWhey Classic is the other way around. Basically the new supplement has whey protein concentrate as its main source of protein, then whey isolate second. The use of a less expensive source does of course mean Classic is cheaper than Gold. The new product hasn’t shown up at any retailers that we know of yet, so we can’t confirm how much cheaper it is. We do however know that when it arrives it will be AllMax’s most cost-effective protein available.

Despite having their small differences with macros and protein sources, AllWhey Classic is coming in exactly the same flavors and sizes as AllWhey Gold has. Fans can expect to see the supplement in two tub sizes, 2 and 5lbs, with five flavors for both tubs in Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry and French Vanilla.

AllMax Nutrition AllWhey Classic

allwhey classic

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