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VPX confirms its nine Bang Master Blaster ingredients

bang master blaster

VPX Sports has finally revealed all nine ingredients in the upcoming powder version of its Bang RTD, Bang Master Blaster. As expected the supplement does feature a lot of ingredients from the brand’s original, as well as a few to help make it more of a pre-workout competitor. Something else that makes Bang Master Blaster a little bit different from the RTD is that VPX has transparently dosed the product.

Starting from the top of the VPX pre-workout, you have a unique blend of BCAAs, dosed at 7.5g with a ratio of 2:2:1. Next on the list is a solid 6g of citrulline malate, followed by 5g of creatine, 2.5g betaine, 2.4g beta-alanine, 350mg caffeine and 250mg of Super Creatine (creatine-leucine peptide). As you can see the combination is fairly straightforward including ingredients for energy, performance, and all the benefits BCAAs bring.

While we don’t yet know exactly when VPX is going to launch Bang Master Blaster, there is already a store listing the supplement as coming soon. The retailer getting in early is Muscle & Strength who has priced the product at $32.75, and is promising it in five flavors with Blue Razz, Lemon Drop, Power Punch, Sour Heads and Star Blast.

VPX Bang Master Blaster

bang master blaster

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