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DVST8 White Cut flavors and overall weight revealed


Inspired Nutraceuticals has released a few details about its upcoming pre-workout sequel, which will be going by a slightly different name in DVST8 White Cut. Previously all we really knew about the supplement was that it would be a follow up to the unforgettable original, DVST8 Black Diamond Reserve. We now know that it will be available in two new, interesting sounding flavors, and that its overall tub size has been increased.

Firstly we’ll go over the weight of DVST8 White Cut, which is going to be more than 10% heavier than DVST8 BDR. The exact size of the current version is 400g, with the upcoming sequel going 48g more to 448g. If Inspired sticks to 40 servings per bottle, that increase will result in a small jump in serving size from 10g to 11.2g. As for the new flavors the brand has put together for DVST8 White Cut, instead of DVST8 BDR’s California Gold, Strawberry Splash and Pineapple Express fans will have Texas Sweet Tea and Peach Sunrise to choose from.

Lastly we do have a bit of information on the launch of DVST8 White Cut, with Inspired planning on having the pre-workout available sometime in March.

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