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European brand Scitec Nutrition finally launches in the US


Scitec Nutrition has just made the announcement we’ve been waiting for ever since it hinted at the idea a number of years ago. The major European brand has followed in the footsteps of all the others that made the leap last and finally launched itself in the US. As you’d imagine with a family of products as big as Scitec’s it hasn’t obviously brought over everything, instead it’s started off with an extremely small fraction of its line.

From what we know there aren’t any stores stocking the brand at the moment, however it has still launched itself with a US website. It is at that you can now pick up any of the nine supplements it has decided to start with, which includes the likes of the gainer Jumbo Hardcore, Ami-NO Xpress and the pre-workout Hot Blood 3.0. The direct prices on the products also aren’t too bad, although it will be a lot more interesting when Scitec adds all its other supplements as well as the many sizes and flavors it has to offer.

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