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Alpha Cuts capsules not just a pill version of the flavored original

alpha cuts capsules

One of Alpha Pro Nutrition’s first few supplements released, was its fat burning formula Alpha Cuts. Ever since it arrived it’s only been available in flavored form, with a couple of flavors currently on its menu. The brand has now introduced a spin-off of sorts of Alpha Cuts, with the new Alpha Cuts capsules. While the product does share its name with the original, the capsule version is in fact quite different contents wise.

Firstly there is very little the upcoming Alpha Cuts capsules shares with the regular powder edition. By the looks of things the pair only has two main ingredients in common and they are caffeine and synephrine. The rest of the new supplement is made up of 300mg of alpha lipoic acid, 200mg cinnamon bark, 150mg oolong tea, and 200mcg chromium picolinate, As well as Gugulipid (guggulsterones) and Bioperine black pepper, which are both wrapped up in a 40mg proprietary blend along with the synephrine.

Outside of that Gugulipid, Bioperine and synephrine proprietary blend, everything else is in fact transparently dosed. You can see further proof of the feature the original Alpha Cuts doesn’t have at all, below in the product’s official facts panel. For more on the supplement you can visit Alpha Pro’s website where the brand’s upcoming fat burner has been listed with its own description, which it does of course need since its performance will likely be quite different from the powder.

Alpha Pro Alpha Cuts capsules

alpha cuts capsules

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