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Mike Rashid takes on the water loss category with Alpha Dry

alpha dry

In just over a month we’ve seen Mike Rashid’s brand ImSoAlpha introduce two all new supplements. The first was the plant-based protein powder Alpha Vegan, then the intra and post-workout formula Alpha Carb. This week ImSoAlpha is keeping the new products coming as it has just launched another one. The latest from the brand is something a little less common than Alpha Vegan or Carb, with the water loss supplement Alpha Dry.

The all new product comes packed with a number of common water loss ingredients including dandelion leaf, green tea, juniper berry, cranberry juice powder and buchu leaf. Alongside those five are in fact four others with apple cider vinegar, corn silk, paprika and watermelon powder. The nine main ingredients all come wrapped in a single proprietary blend weighing in at 625mg per capsule. The Alpha Dry combination promises all the usual water loss effects with the brand’s own description of “help remove unwanted water weight and bloat”, really saying it all.

Mike Rashid and ImSoAlpha fans can now already pick up the new Alpha Dry direct from the brand’s official website. The supplement has been priced relatively low like most competitors in the category, costing just $16.95. That is of course for a full size 60 capsule bottle, which will last you 30 days on its maximum dose of two a day.

ImSoAlpha Alpha Dry

alpha dry

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