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MHP sampling three new BCAA 10X flavors at the Arnold

bcaa 10x

Just like MuscleMeds confirmed it would it be doing at the Arnold Classic in exactly two weeks time. The blue brand MHP has also said that it will have a tasting station at the event, where fans can try new flavors for one of its current supplements. The product MHP will be sampling flavors of is its 2015 released BCAA formula BCAA 10X.

MHP is going to have three different flavors of BCAA 10X for visitors to try, one of which will eventually be produced based on the feedback the brand gets at the Arnold. None of the options have been revealed yet although we obviously know they won’t be any of its current flavors, Fruit Punch, Lemonade or Watermelon.

Those that actually sample and offer feedback on the new BCAA 10Xs will also be rewarded for their effort, with participants getting a free sample.

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