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BCAA Assault Medi-Evil’s extremely straightforward BCAA powder

bcaa assault

The only new supplement out of Medi-Evil’s four that have been unveiled today that’s not a protein powder, is the self-explanatory BCAA Assault. The product is as obvious as it sounds and as straightforward as BCAAs come, being a 300g unflavored bag of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Each 300g bag packs 50 servings, with each serving working out to exactly 6g each. Seeing as BCAA Assault is a 100% BCAA formula and doesn’t appear to be flavored, it would be good to assume that each of those 6g are all BCAAs. Like all of the other new Medi-Evil supplements unveiled today, BCAA Assault is currently only listed as coming soon with unfortunately no word on exactly how far away it is.

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