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Cor Creatine to be replaced by an all new, simpler version

cor creatine

Making it five new supplements for Cellucor today is Cor Creatine, a product that actually has a lot more to be said about it than any of the others. Firstly the Cor-Performance creatine is a lot like the supplement unveiled an hour ago, Cor Glutamine. It is an individual ingredient formula with a tub weight of 360g, giving you exactly 72 unflavored 5g servings of micronized creatine.

What makes Cor Creatine a little more interesting than the others revealed today is that Cellucor does already have a creatine product in its Cor-Performance Series. The new white branded version is in fact going to replace that original, giving fans at least what appears to be a simpler, possibly more cost-effective creatine solution.

Lastly there is one more interesting detail Cor Creatine has brought with it, and that is that it’s the second to last Cellucor supplement to be unveiled today. After Cor Casein, Fish Oil, CLA, Glutamine and the Cor Creatine replacement, there is just the one to go, which if you caught our post yesterday you will already know about. Unless the brand decides to surprise us, we’re almost certain Cor Gainer is going to be the next and last product revealed.

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