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Elite Labs teases its 6th supplement in what looks like a 5lb tub

elite labs

Elite Labs has announced that another supplement for its growing family is on the way. To keep fans as well as us guessing it has only released a silhouette of the product, which surprisingly suggests that it’s some kind of 5lb formula. With that being the only detail we have to go off at the moment, we don’t actually have any guesses as to what it could be.

Currently Elite Labs has five different supplements, three of them protein powders, one a pre-workout and the other a post-workout. It is because of those three proteins that we don’t have any guesses, as typically a 5lb tub suggests a protein powder. No doubt more information or at least more clues will be dropped soon, although if it is the latter we are going to need quite a few to get an idea on what Elite Labs has cooked up.

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