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Elite Labs introduces a new look in its transparent and hybrid fat-burning protein powder

Elite Labs 100 Iso Ripped

Over the last couple of years, the long-running mass gainer specialist Elite Labs has been revealing, releasing, and growing its alternatively yellow-branded Metabolic Series of supplements, including the likes of Metabolic Mass, Metabolic Test, and the well-rounded pre-workout Metabolic Pre. This year, it looks like we might be getting another family of sports nutrition products from the brand featuring a different background color that’s equally as bright and bold as the Metabolic Series’ yellow, with red.

Elite Labs has unveiled 100% ISO Ripped, which is another protein powder, a category it already has plenty of competitors like Metabolic Whey, Best Tasting Whey, and ISO Builder. The soon-to-be-available 100% ISO Ripped is a hybrid supplement, combining a high-quality source of protein and weight loss ingredients. It provides 25g of protein a serving, all from whey isolate, and for the fat-burning side, you get half a gram of carnitine tartrate, 100mg of green coffee, and an energizing 200mg of caffeine.

As far as weight loss protein powders go, Elite Labs has done a respectable job; while you don’t get the complex formula you’ll find in a dedicated fat burner, you get a handful of reasonably dosed ingredients, and the brand is transparent, sharing the amounts as opposed to hiding them in a blend. Once again, 100% ISO Ripped introduces a red-based label design, different from anything else it has available, hinting at a build into a line as the brand doesn’t tend to majorly change its packaging for one product.