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Excalibur Diet Protein a bit like Whey Fury with weight loss ingredients

Excalibur Diet Protein

The most surprising one out of all the Medi-Evil supplements unveiled today is the spin-off formula Excalibur Diet Protein. The product has obviously been named after the brand’s original weight loss supplement Excalibur, which is one of the two categories it falls under, the other one being protein. As for what we know about the actual Excalibur Diet Protein formula, we don’t have any nutrition label numbers although we do know everything that’s going to be in it.

Much like Whey Fury, one of Medi-Evil’s other new protein powders unveiled today, Excalibur Diet Protein is made up of five different protein sources. The five are exactly the same as what Whey Fury apparently has with hydrolyzed, isolate and whey protein concentrate, as well as soya and milk protein concentrate. The product does also feature the brand’s own digestive blend of bromelaine, protease, amylase, which does make you wonder what’s so different about Excalibur Diet Protein.

To set the spin-off supplement apart from Whey Fury, Medi-Evil has packed it with a handful of weight loss ingredients. The features added in are all common fat burning ingredients with CLA powder, l-carnitine and green tea extract. The last few details we have for the upcoming product are its options, confirming one size and three flavors. The size is a 1kg 40 serving bag, with a similar set of three flavors as Whey Fury in Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.

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