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Fitmark goes compact for its new Evolution Backpack

fitmark evolution

Fitmark has just introduced its first new bag for 2016, which is also its first entirely new product since the launch of the Envoy Series last year in November. The name of the latest creation from the brand is the Fitmark Evolution Backpack, a combination of a spacious backpack and a meal management system. The design is kind of like a simplified version of the Envoy Backpack, with a similar set of features in a more compact package.

The Fitmark Evolution Backpack is essentially a single strap, four compartment bag. You have the main area with room for almost everything, a small front pocket for essentials, a Fit-Tech soft panel compartment in the back for your laptop or tablet, and lastly room for a two meal Box SM in the bottom. It is that last feature that makes the Fitmark Evolution a slightly more interesting backpack as the opening for it is in fact located on the back. It makes it appear that the bag doesn’t even have a meal compartment, further adding to its simple and compact appearance.

Like most of Fitmark’s new products the Evolution Backpack has been introduced through the brand’s Playing Field. This is where fans get the chance to pre-order the latest from Fitmark at heavily discounted prices. If you head over there now you’ll find the Evolution Backpack for $64.99, which is half its regular price. Being in the Playing Field the bag does of course need to reach its pre-order goal before it gets the green-light for production, however we’re pretty sure every design that’s been featured there has reached its goal.

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