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Medi-Evil Colossus sitting just under 1,000 calories per serving


The biggest out of all of Medi-Evil’s new supplements unveiled today is Colossus. It is one of the brand’s three upcoming protein powders, with the appropriately named Medi-Evil Colossus falling into the mass protein category. Unlike any of the other proteins unveiled today, we actually have some nutrition numbers from Colossus including 60g of protein per serving and a total of 973 calories. As for the carbohydrates and fat, we don’t have exact amounts for either of those yet although the brand has said the product features a blend of complex carbohydrates from oat flour and flax.

It is also worth mentioning that Medi-Evil Colossus does have the brand’s patented digestive aid blend Trigesteze. Outside of all that information we don’t have anything else on the mass gainer except for confirmation of one size and three flavors. Like Medi-Evil’s other proteins, when it arrives Colossus is due to be available in just the one 5kg size, with three flavors on its menu in Chocolate Cake Mix, Vanilla Oat Twist and Wild Strawberry.

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