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MuscleMeds unveiling some kind of energizing formula at the Arnold


As well as having three new flavors of its original beef protein powder Carnivor, available to sample at the upcoming Arnold Classic. MuscleMeds has confirmed that it is also going to unveil an entirely new supplement. Just like with the three Carnivor flavors, the brand has not yet confirmed what its new product is going to be. It has however released a teaser image featuring a handful of clues.

You can get a glimpse of the teaser MuscleMeds has released above, where you can see that the supplement is going to be a powder formula. The size of the tub in the image also suggests that the mystery product is going to be quite big, as it appears to be packaged in a traditional 2lb tub. The one last clue the brand has included that we feel confirms something quite interesting, is the supplement’s corner highlight “potent energizing formula”.

The first thing that comes to mind when a brand says energizing is pre-workout, however on this occasion we are looking at something significantly larger than a typical pre-workout. Because of its size we’re thinking some kind of caffeinated protein, which MuscleMeds does already have with Raging Bull Carnivor. The catch with Raging Bull though is that currently it only comes in a 1lb bag, meaning a 2lb tub could very well be the brand’s mystery product.

No doubt we will be getting more clues as we get closer to the Arnold, which is now exactly 16 days away.

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