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Mystery MuscleMeds supplement not a pre-workout


As we move closer and closer to the Arnold Sports Festival on March 4th. More and more information on some of the supplements due to be unveiled at the event is being released. Today we have a follow up on the mystery MuscleMeds product which last time we checked in we did have a handful of clues on. Previously all we knew about the supplement is that it’s a flavored and has an energizing formula.

To go with those two details we now have confirmation of a category the MuscleMeds product does not belong to. For all those fans thinking the formula was some kind of 2lb sized pre-workout, we can tell you that the mystery item is definitely not a pre-workout. That actually fits right in with our guess of the supplement being another size of Carnivor Raging Bull or possibly even something else in the protein category.

Despite having guesses in mind until we get more information, a name or even an ingredient from the product, we can’t be anywhere near 100% certain on what MuscleMeds has up its sleeve. Fortunately the brand is due to unveil the supplement at the Arnold, so even if we don’t get any more details in the next week or so we’ll know all about it in nine days time.

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