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Save up to 35% on Perfect Shaker’s Hero Series at Campus Protein

perfect shaker

While Perfect Shaker’s growing Hero Series appears to be popping up in a new location almost every week lately. There are very few, if any, offering the options Campus Protein has launched the shaker series with. Like most supplement stores stocking the line, Campus does have all four heroes available individually for $16.99 each. It then gets a little different when you want to purchase combinations as it has three discounted sets you can choose from.

You have the two shaker set of the originals Batman and Superman, priced at $29.99 instead of two lots of $16.99. Next is the three-piece set of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, which is actually only $5 more at $34.99. Last but not least is the entire Perfect Shaker Hero Series for just $42.99, working out to $10.75 a shaker, which is a massive saving of 35% compared to buying the four separately. To check out all the deals and maybe even start your collection visit

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