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Pro Maker Hydrolyzed Review: Human Evolution delivers with its naturally flavored hydrolyzed protein

pro maker hydrolyzed review

Pro Maker Hydrolyzed was the first supplement we saw in Human Evolution’s Pro Maker Series, with the only other one being the yet to be released Pro Maker Performance. We recently managed to get a hold of both flavors of the first Pro Maker product Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, to find out first hand just how good the naturally flavored formula tastes. Not too surprisingly the brand has managed to give the supplement two great tastes which we are going to go over in today’s Pro Maker Hydrolyzed review.

For those that haven’t come across Human Evolution’s hydrolyzed protein powder before, to start off we’ll just give you a quick run down on the product. Basically as its title explains, the supplement is a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate formula which comes combined with a handful of other uncommon features. Its extras include zero fat, zero carbohydrates for the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, gluten free, and as mentioned it is naturally flavored with stevia.

Moving on to how well Pro Maker Hydrolyzed tastes, both of its flavors are in fact quite impressive for a naturally flavored protein. Despite the two being relatively close in quality we are going to start with Vanilla Ice Cream, our least favorite of the two.

While Human Evolution’s vanilla effort isn’t as good as its chocolate, it is a lot better than we expected. As you might have noticed in some of our other reviews we’re not big vanilla fans, however Pro Maker Hydrolyzed’s Vanilla Ice Cream is one we’d be more than happy to continue using. Compared Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream has a slightly thicker consistency that actually mixes in perfectly with its classic vanilla sweetness. The result is a very title like Vanilla Ice Cream flavor that surprisingly maintains its sweetness from concentrated to diluted, although the thickness side of it does vary.

Moving on to our favorite Pro Maker Hydrolyzed, Dark Chocolate, all we can really say is that it doesn’t disappoint. Human Evolution really comes through on this one with a Dark Chocolate recipe featuring a rich chocolate taste, that easily has you relating it to dark more than regular chocolate. It is as mentioned not as thick as Vanilla Ice Cream, however its rich chocolate flavor is quite a bit sweeter. The difference does end up working in Dark Chocolate’s favor, as it helps its overall taste stand out in any amount of water or even mixed with other products.

Basically if you’re in the market for a hydrolyzed protein powder or a naturally flavored protein, you won’t be disappointed with either of Pro Maker Hydrolyzed’s flavors. Both options taste as good as their titles sound, so good in fact that you may not even realize they’re flavored with stevia. The only thing people may not like about it is its expected light consistency, although we truly feel its strong, sweet flavor more than makes up for that, especially in Dark Chocolate.