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Lemon Lime joins Human Evolution’s previously lonely L-Carnitine 1800 menu

lemon lime carnitine 1800

Most supplement companies that have liquid l-carnitine formulas generally only have it available in the one flavor. That was actually the case for Human Evolution’s carnitine competitor L-Carnitine 1800 up until this week, as the product has finally been given another option. Previously the brand only had L-Carnitine 1800 in Fruit Punch, with the one 32 serving bottle.

Human Evolution has now doubled the supplement’s menu taking it to two, with its second fruity recipe Lemon Lime L-Carnitine 1800. Like with all new releases these days, the latest from Human Evolution has immediately been made available direct through its website. Anyone interested in trying the brand’s second L-Carnitine 1800 can head to and grab Lemon Lime for the product’s usual price of $26.99.