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Human Evolution finally launches its unique pre and post-workout creatine

pro maker performance

Human Evolution has finally released the supplement it first teased roughly six months ago in September of last year. The product is the brand’s only other Pro Maker series formula, Pro Maker Performance. It follows on from Human Evolution’s first entry in the series Pro Maker Hydrolyzed, and is being promoted as suitable for both pre and post-workout. As you’d expect Pro Maker Performance does feature a rather unique combination of ingredients, although all of them are quite common.

In total there are 11 ingredients making up the latest from Human Evolution, five of those being different types of creatine. Starting with that creatine, Pro Maker Performance packs 4g of creatine HCl and 250mg each of Creatine MagnaPower, citrate, gluconate and phosphate. Moving on down the list you then have 1.5g each of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and citrulline, half a gram of HICA, and a creatine enhancement blend made up of 400mg taurine, 300mg betaine and 200mg of calcium HMB.

As mentioned and as you can see, Pro Maker Performance certainly isn’t your typical pre or post-workout combination. It appears to be designed as a creatine before anything else, with bonus pump and recovery benefits.

The second Human Evolution Pro Maker supplement can actually now be purchased direct from the brand’s website with a special introductory price. For what we can only assume to be available for a limited time, you can grab the pre and post-workout creatine for $34.99 a tub. Each tub has a total of 30 servings which is the usual one month’s supply, with just the one flavor to choose from in Fruit Punch.