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Seven ingredients confirmed for Muscletech’s upcoming Shatter Neuro

shatter neuro

We recently got a look at two rather interesting supplements that are set to grow Muscletech’s SX-7 Black Onyx Series even further. The products are the two pre-workout spin-offs, Shatter Ripped and Shatter Neuro. We’ve now got an update on the more focused based formula Shatter Neuro, with confirmation of a handful of its ingredients only one of which is from the original Shatter Black Onyx.

The first two features we can confirm have been included for performance and pump purposes, with beta-alanine and citrulline. The former is the one from Muscletech’s regular Shatter Black Onyx, although we don’t yet know if it’s been carried over in the exact same dose at 1.6g per serving. The rest of the Shatter Neuro ingredients we can confirm are all new to the supplement, with a total of five different features. In no specific order you have acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR), alpha-GPC, huperzine, and in Muscletech’s words “two unique forms of choline”.

In total that gives us seven ingredients that we know for sure are going to be in Shatter Neuro, which coincidentally is the exact same amount in the original Shatter Black Onyx. While that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any more to the product, it at least leaves room for the possibility of the pre-workout being caffeine free. We are of course going to have to wait to see the supplement’s facts panel before we can confirm that, something we do expect to see very soon.

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