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XCD confirms a number of big doses for its upcoming Intravenous


Ever since we heard about XCD Nutrition’s upcoming pre and intra-workout supplement Intravenous, even back when it was being referred to as Product (X). The brand never mentioned anything about what’s in it, only releasing rather interesting descriptions on what it’s designed to do. A few weeks out from the Arnold Australia which is where XCD plans on officially introducing Intravenous, the brand has now given a list of ingredients that may or may not be all that’s in the supplement.

In total XCD has confirmed a total of five features for Intravenous, or seven if you want to count its three BCAAs individually. From unknown to heaviest then lightest, the ingredients are an unknown amount of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. A massive 4g of Hydromax glycerol, 2g each of agmatine sulfate and coconut water extract, and lastly 5mg of Bioperine black pepper.

As you can see the new XCD product appears to be quite packed, especially with its doses of Hydromax and agmatine which are a lot higher than most dedicated pump pre-workouts. The wait is now on for the Arnold Australia where Intravenous is going to be launched in two 50 serving flavors, Pineapple Melon and Blue Raspberry Spider.

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