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4+ Nutrition Post+ featuring WPH, BCAAs and maybe a bit more

4+ post+

4+ Nutrition has started teasing the last new supplement from the list of eight it promised at the beginning of the year. Much like with its last release Intra+, it has been revealing the product’s ingredients one by one. The name of the latest from 4+ is Post+, an obviously named post-workout formula. The features confirmed for it so far are hydrolyzed whey protein and BCAAs.

We don’t yet know the doses for either of those ingredients, however 4+ has gone into a little bit more detail on the BCAAs saying that they’ll be included at the usual ratio of 2:1:1. You can definitely count on seeing more of Post+ in the next week or so, as the brand is planning on launching it on the 30th of this month. That gives 4+ roughly eight more days to tease the supplement’s remaining features, which at its current pace could mean just one or two more.

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