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4+ Nutrition has made a protein powder using fermented shiitake mushroom

4 Plus Nutrition Promycob

4+ Nutrition has a host of protein powders in its arsenal, far more than the majority of North American supplement companies, but its variety is more common in its local European market. The selection the Italian brand has available makes things very difficult when it wants to expand and offer something more in the category. That hasn’t stopped 4+ Nutrition from creating some innovative offerings, and that is what we have from it again this week in Promycob, or officially PROMYCOß+.

4+ Nutrition’s Promycob is an incredibly intriguing protein powder that uses sources we’ve yet to see from any other sports nutrition company. Promycob is a plant-powered protein product that uses pea and rice fermented by the functional mushroom shiitake to provide its 22.5g of protein. That specific process actually helps give the supplement an amino acid profile more in line with the traditional muscle-building whey, which has always been a significant downside with plant proteins.

The rest of the nutrition profile in 4+ Nutrition’s Promycob is still low and lean with that 22.5g of protein alongside 3.3g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, 2.4g of fat, and 127 calories in a 30g serving. To make Promycob an extra advanced competitor in the crowded protein powder category, the brand has infused the product with ProBios probiotics, providing two billion CFUs to support gut health. Another intriguing feature is that the fermenting process of the protein sources is also said to noticeably improve the digestibility and bioavailability of the protein, increasing uptake and efficacy.

4+ Nutrition’s Promycob is clearly an innovative supplement, not only offering something different in the saturated space of protein powder but doing so in the specific subcategory of plant protein. As you might imagine, the product does come with a premium price tag sitting at €44.99 (48.73 USD) for a 600g tub of 20 servings. There are a few flavors to choose from, which are said to taste pretty good due to the process and ingredients involved in Smooth Vanilla, Chocolate Mousse, and Chocotella.