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Body War introduces Alpha War, its first new supplement for 2016

alpha war

One of the few international names to make some noise last year with a long list of new supplements was the Australian brand Body War. We saw it release both new as well as reformulated products. The brand has now kicked off 2016 by introducing an entirely new formula named Alpha War. As you’d imagine with a name like that, Alpha War is a testosterone boosting supplement.

Like most of Body War’s complex products, Alpha War is quite a packed out competitor. It features a total of 13 different ingredients, most, if not all of which you will have come across before. Some of the testosterone booster’s familiar faces are 400mg of velvet bean, 250mg horny goat weed, 200mg fenugreek and as always 5mg of BioPerine black pepper. You can get a more complete look at Alpha War’s combination of ingredients below, as we have added its official facts panel.

The only thing missing is of course the supplement itself, which isn’t actually too far away. Body War has said fans can expect a relatively short wait of three to four weeks for Alpha War, putting the product on shelves some time late next month.

Body War Alpha War

alpha war

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